Monday, June 16, 2008

STEEL CONSTRUCTION – What’s Happening?

Some people like to use the term “Black Monday” – unfortunately it sums up the situation today. Sooo quiet its kindna scary. I wonder how the other industries are doing. Feel free to comment.

I read in the newspapers today about people demonstrating against the price hikes. I am sure a lot of people are hurting. Personally I think demonstrating does not really help. However, it’s an avenue for people to express their feelings. Keeping everything inside is not healthy. Can only hope things get better soon.

So instead of staring at the wall (its pretty boring after a while), I thought of doing the following :

SCAFFOLDING – Check for Vertical & Lateral Stability.

Got an enquiry on the above, it seems the consultant for some project wants a report and supporting calculations for the usage of scaffolding in their project. Still waiting for detailed information.

This is not something we do a lot. In fact, the only one we did, was a couple months ago for a building at Genting Highlands.

Basically, need to know how high, the intended usage etc. and then we can work out the cross braces, lateral attachments to ensure lateral stability. Also probably have to do an analysis of Wind Load on the stacked scaffolding. (wind load on the surface of the scaffolding members)

Finally, another analysis of vertical loads (Imposed and Dead loads) on the scaffolding, no. of workers’, member self-weight and so on.

I have to check my previous reports, on the installation procedures, quality control and the safety guidelines for scaffolding. Seriously, this is important, as a lot of mishaps occur because of no proper procedures or because workers did not follow guidelines.

Any advice, questions or comments is much appreciated.

Need to find my previous report (easier said than done as I am a highly disorganized person). Any one interested in a copy of this report when completed.?


Will try and force myself to continue with my software upgrade tonight. I supposed I could add more member sizes to my database.

Need to think of ways to increase productivity – Produce more for the same amount of time!

Till next time, Happy Engineering & take care

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