Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, its’ another new day. I do try to have a positive outlook each day, with thoughts like, I might get a new project or maybe I will be paid. One can always hope, right?

News still dominated by the fuel hike. Bad news is petrol has exceeded US139 a barrel. The good news is Saudi Arabia plan to increase their output.

I applaud the Government in their efforts to alleviate the sufferings of the people through cash rebates, petrol card plan etc. However, it seems they are doing it in a haphazard way. I wonder whether they conducted a thorough study and planning before the petrol hike.

The biggest fear I had when I heard about the increase was not so much the actual increase in price but more how it will adversely affect the economy. Unfortunately, that nightmare has come to pass as the Construction (can’t really comment about the other sectors) sector has slowed tremendously.

I sincerely hope the Government fully concentrate on reviving the economy (not measures by cutting their entertainment allowance by a whopping 10%)


I sent the following sketch to my client today to clarify on the actual dimensions. Without this information I am unable to proceed with the design of the support truss.

The actual design is not difficult. However, sometimes the actual clarifications etc is a bit time consuming.

Project :


Date :

Bldg :

Item :

Design Loads


RC Slab ?



Need Dimensions.

Based on the diagram above, the structure is unstable. Only 1 point of support. Is if possible to use the following


RC Slab



Add Strut


More on the above support truss once I have the dimensions.

So happy Engineering & take care.

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