Sunday, June 15, 2008

Upgrade Engineering Sreadsheet

Hope everyone managed a good Father’s Day Weekend. Even during tough times, it’s the company that counts. This reminds me of the cartoon in the Star newspaper on Sunday, where a little girl trying to cheer her father by buying a small bottle of Petroleum for Father’s Day. I think it is funny but a sad reflection of the present situation.

I am also happy and a bit surprised that a Government MP has asked for the Government to make public Petronas’s account. That would be great because I truly do not understand all these talk about Petronas not being able to continue paying for the subsidies. As I see it, as the price of petrol rises, so does Petronas’ profit. What extra or increased expenses are they incurring? The petroleum is the people’s asset and they have a right to know.


To survive the tough times ahead, its’ probably a good time to increase my business productivity (and also because I don’t have much work to do). For example, for the same amount of time, I can produce more and faster (calculations).

I managed to improve some of my engineering spreadsheets. I have a certain spreadsheet that calculates nodal points (x, y & z), for trusses etc. I have added to this program, so that it can now also able to calculate the Uniformly Distributed Loads (UDL) which is to be applied to the trusses.

Have also managed to add another page on “reactions” of the trusses based on the following 3 load combinations : 1.4DL+1.6LL. , 1.4WL+1.0DL and 1.0LL.

An average set of calculations consist of 32 pages. The above upgrade will add another 6 pages to the calculations.

Boring, isn’t it? (ha! ha! I am sure my wife will agree).

Hope tomorrow brings new and better things.

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