Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Surprise announcement by SAPP today, guess they are not too happy with the present Government. I think I should clarify that I am neither pro-Government nor pro-Opposition. I support whoever that strive to improve the lives of the ordinary people.

However, I think any further stability now would only worsen the economy. Please, its time for everyone (especially ALL the political parties) to unite and work together to get the economy moving again. At the very least, they should at least postpone their quarrel until things get better. Serve the people, the lower and middle-class is struggling to make ends meet.


· Determine the nodal coordinates to model the truss.

· Determine the Uniformly Distributed Loads and apply it to truss. (based on Live, Dead & Wind Load)

· Run Analysis

· Check maximum axial and tensile forces in members.

· Check selected members for their axial and tensile capacity. (dependent on area, radius of gyration, unbraced length etc)

Remember, in Malaysia, we have to comply with the British Code – BS5950.

Voila! – we are done. Easier than baking a cake, right? (I have been watching a lot of those cooking shows on TV).

Got to cut this short as I still have to work on the connection design. That is how to connect the truss to the RC beam. More on that the next time.

In the meantime, happy Engineering & take care.

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