Sunday, September 2, 2012

Death Messenger

Death Messenger
Wendy Koh, her husband and their daughter, Cherry 5 years, went to Malacca for a few days to visit her mother. Her mother was suffering from diabetes and she cannot walk or see very well. Wendy was trying to persuade her mother to come back to Kuala Lumpur and stay with them in their home. Unfortunately was adamant that she wants to stay at the family home together with her youngest daughter (Wendy’s sister). Wendy was still trying to very hard hoping her mother will change her mind.
One night after dinner, they were all in the dining room and her daughter Cherry went to get her ice-cream from the kitchen. They notice that Cherry was crying and sounded very terrified and they rushed into the kitchen. They found her standing alone with her arms clutching her doll and staring at the empty kitchen. When asked what is wrong, Cherry turned to her mother and said there a woman with long hair and dark clothes was in the kitchen. Wendy’s husband quickly said it must be dark in the kitchen and there are no one is around. Wendy told her daughter that it is her imagination only and she will get the ice-cream. However little Cherry stubbornly insisted she saw the woman with long hair in dark dress. Wendy’s youngest sister then took Cherry to the dining room to play with her toys.
When Wendy woke up very early the next day, she went to her mother’s room to ask her what she would like for breakfast. As she was walking into the darken rooms, the heavy curtains were pulled down, she heard her mother yelled angrily, “Who are you?...I can see you in the dark clothes…What do you want?...” Wendy was shocked and confused as there was no one else in the room except her mother.
During the night on the same day, Wendy’s husband went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He was surprised and taken aback that the all the lights have been switched on in the kitchen. Looking at the kitchen, he noticed a flash black apparition from the corner of his eyes at the back of the kitchen. His heart pounding furiously as he rapidly went back to their bedroom and told Wendy about the eerie apparition. Was it a messenger of death?

Early next morning, Wendy and her husband when to get a pastor to come to their house and blessed the place. No strange sounds or sights were seen after the blessings!!!

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