Friday, September 14, 2012

Mysterious Guardian

Mysterious Guardian
Ganesh is from Tawau, Sabah in Malaysia. His father is a corporate manager for a local plantation company. He lives in an affluent residential area with his parents and his young sister.

Downtown view of Tawau, Sabah at night

Tawau is the 3rd largest town in the state of Sabah and is about 8 hours from the state capital city of Kota Kinabalu.

Map of Tawau in Sabah

His experience with the supernatural occurred when he sometimes feel an uneasy sensation especially on certain nights in his parents’ house. Not only that, he had also seen many from the bottom of his eyes, a whitish apparition in the corner of rooms moving extremely fast. In fact, his parents have seen the whitish “ghost”, as example, when both were watching the television one night. In fact, everybody has seen the strange apparition except for Ganesh’s younger sister. Although we felt strange and unease about the phenomena we never felt frightened or scared.
One day, Ganesh’s father brought an old friend for dinner and over the meal he mentioned the strange apparition. The old gentleman was a devoted and religious Muslim, he said he felt the presence of a guardian or ‘potector’ of someone to him.
It made sense that his parents and he himself have sense the presence of the white apparition all except for Ganesh’s sister. In fact when Ganesh’s sister was in University in boarding school, there never saw the apparition.
When Ganesh’s sister got married two years ago and got pregnant, the ‘white shadow’ has forever disappeared.

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