Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mysterious Screams in the Night

Mysterious Screams in the Night
Mohd Amir stays at the quiet neighbourhood  of Taman Kota Putri in Johor Baru with his mother. One night when he was sleeping soundly in the middle of night he heard an ear shattering scream of a woman’s voice. 

A neighborhood of Taman Kota Putri in Johor Baru

Rudely awaken, he quickly scrambled out of his bed and looked out of the neighborhood houses to locate the mysterious noise. However were no other screams except for the night insects cheeping away. Confused he eventually got back to his bed and fell asleep.
He did asked his mother about the mysterious scream that he heard the previous night. He was surprised that his mother also heard the screams. His mother later found from the other the nighbourhood  housewives’ (…gossiping) that they also heard the screaming.
After a couple of months after the incident, Mohd Amir was washing his car one evening when he noticed an old Chinese man who was passing in front of his house. Trying to make small talk he chatted with the old man when he coincidentally mentioned the mysterious scream. He was shocked that the old man recalled that in a previous night about 10 years ago when a woman was killed when burglars were ransacking her house. The old man can remember the woman’s blood curdling screams during the terrifying incident.

Was it a mere coincidence? Mohd Amir does not think so.

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