Sunday, September 16, 2012

Local Resort Ghost

Local Resort Ghost
This account if from Shalina and she work at a local resort (she refused to name the resort afraid of tarnishing the resort – or maybe afraid of losing her job…ha!ha!) Anyway she work in the night shift (or the ‘graveyard shift) in the luxurious hotel resort.

View of a Resort at Night

It was about 2.20am and she noticed a teenager who was seated at the swimming pool. Shalina decided to talk to the teenager and maybe find out if anything is wrong. The young Australian girl is named Anna and she revealed that she is fed up of her parents. Anna said that she was planning to go to Queensland (I think it is a state in Australia) to spend her time with her boyfriend. Shalina understand about young love and but she said Malaysia is not that bad…and local people are pretty cool, right? Besides Anna will be back in Australia after the trip to Malaysia. Anna smiled and after some “girly” chit-chat, Shalina decided to walk Anna to her suite.
When they were talking together, they noticed at the darken portion of the swimming pool was a woman dressed in white. The woman was too far away and too dark when she suddenly moved in the direction. Both Anna and Shalina were shocked when the woman slowly floated away…
Shalina (and Anna) was freaked out but told that there things are a common place. For Hotels and resorts they do not know where the land was from or who inhabited it before it was developed. As a former manager of this industry commented that all hotels and resorts believe in ghosts and spirits but some will or cannot acknowledge the presence of “these things”.


JL said...

I had a 4 days horrible experience at one of the 4 stars resorts in Phuket, with a little boy and a thai lady who killed in Tsunami. Too lazy to put in words.

Anonymous said...

this resort is in east coast of Malaysia, my divers love to stay in and yes spooky too!

Christopher Lim said...

Hi anonymous, Yes it is in the east coast and it is spooky.