Sunday, September 9, 2012

Taxi’s Driver Victim

Taxi’s Driver Victim
One of the most common or the talk about is about how is a Taxi Driver’s plight about a strange or eerie encounter with the supernatural.  Anyway here goes, there was a taxi driver and it was late (or early, as its nearly 5am at that time) and he was driving home.
The taxi driver was driving to Rawang in Selangor and he has been driving the whole night cruising the streets in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. He was driving back when he noticed a young lady sitting at the old road about a bus stop at such a late hour.

View of a normal Taxi Cab
Taking pity of the young lady waiting by herself at the bus stand, he pulled over and asked where she was going. The lady was in her twenties and dressed in black, she gave the taxi driver the address. The address was in a small road but he decided to take her there, worried she might get in trouble with so many snatch thieves and burglaries nowadays. He told her that it was late and she should not be out especially so late at night. From the rear mirror, she nodded and said, “I know uncle, sorry”.
When the taxi driver arrived at the old road, she insisted that her house was nearby and it was safe. She paid her fare and hurriedly thanked the old taxi man. The next day the taxi driver found that the girl must have made a mistake and have paid him “paper money” (normally paid to relatives as that have died).
He went back to the old road where he had left the young woman. There was an old depilated house nearby and he asked the old couple whether know the young woman. The old man and old lady looked at each other and he said that sounded like his only child. They lead the taxi driver a nearby where there was heap of soil and tombstone, the old man said “there is my daughter” (showing a photograph) beside the tombstone “but died she 3 months ago!”

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