Saturday, June 16, 2012

Faceless Apparition at Catholic Cemetery

Faceless Apparition at Catholic Cemetery
Mantin is a small town with a road from Seremban to Kuala Lumpur. In fact, the town has only one main road in Jalan Besar. It is just a one horse town as my friend like to quote…if there is any horse! Mantin stands for the name Mine Tin which I believe the locals have trouble with the pronunciation. Mantin was once the tin mining industries in Negeri Sembilan in the early 20th century during the early glorious years.  Now with not many landmarks except for St. Aloysius Catholic Church a 108 year old building.
Ravi and his family stayed at the suburbs near the church and the cemetery. On that night seventeen years old Ravi and his brother Siva had to go back to their home are spending hours in their favorite “mamak stall”, drinking ‘teh-tarik’ and talking and chatting with their friends. As it was getting late, they decided to cycle to a shorter route near the cemetery and not the pave road they normally take. It was already after midnight and they cycle furiously to get back to their homes.
As they cycling along, Ravi recognize the girl who was walking ahead of them. “Hey it May-Lee,” Ravi said to his brother, “lets say hullo to her” as they pedaled their bicycles faster to catch with May-Lee. No matter how fast they pedaled they can’t seem to catch up with her. Frustrated, Ravi shouted “Hey May-Lee hold up!”  
He finally manage to catch up with her and panting furiously from cycling and he held her arm saying for her slow down. Suddenly May-Lee turned to face Ravi, except its not May-Lee… was a girl without any face, there were no features-no nose, mouth, eyes - just completely blank!
Ravi crashed from his bicycle and brought down Siva’s bicycle along with it. Both Ravi and his brother were sent sprawling crashing into the undergrowth. They were not hurt except for some bruises but Ravi was surprised to find the girl missing. They quickly got into their bicycles and sped furiously home.

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