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Old Changi Hospital, Singapore

Old Changi Hospital, Singapore
Old Changi Hospital was replaced with the new Changi General Hospital in 1997l. Old Changi Hospital was actually intended to be a civilian facility before it became a military hospital. After the Japanese Occupation during the Second War, it was converted to a Public Hospital with a Military ward on the 3rd floor.
Old Changi Hospital

The Chinese have an old saying that one should not go to a Hospital as it is a place to die. No wonder people, even the younger people, are so reluctant to go to a Hospital.

Vacant and Isolated view of Old Changi Hopital

Old Hall Way at Changi  Hospital

Hauntings and apparitions of dead soldiers , prisoner-of-wars, windows & doors slamming and screams late at night became very popular with the curious locals and foreigners.

: Plans were drawn up for a British military base in Changi.
1927 : Clearing of land and construction began.
1935 : A hospital was built in the British military base in Changi and named RAF Hospital.
1942 : The British surrendered to the Japanese. The hospital became part of a prison camp.
1945 : The Japanese Occupation ended and the site reverted to being a British military base.
1971 : Control of the hospital was given to armed forces from Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom (ANZUK). It was renamed ANZUK Hospital.
1973 : The thousandth baby was born in ANZUK Hospital.
1975 : The hospital was given to the Singapore state, which renamed it Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Hospital.
1976 : SAF Hospital was handed over to the Ministry of Health, which combined it with Changi Chalet Hospital to form Changi Hospital.
1997 : Changi Hospital combined with Toa Payoh Hospital to form Changi General Hospital in Simei. Old Changi Hospital was vacated.

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