Monday, June 25, 2012

Pontianak at Selayang Wet Market

Pontianak at Selayang Wet Market
Yow is one of my air-condition maintenance guy together with the fat and talkative guy (do not know his name) for houses and offices. They work at a shop lot nearby to my house which is very convenient for me and my wife. One night they went out with their friends to a snooker centre and proceeded to a karaoke joint. It was a very slow night and eventually they got tired (no girls to ogle at). The fat guy suddenly suggested that they go to Selayang Wet Market as he heard that it is haunted besides there was a chance to look for girls. With nothing to do, Yow agreed, but his other friends wanted to home.


Selayang Wet Market
Note : Pasar Borong Selayang (Selayang Wet Market) is located besides Jalan Ipoh, in Kuala Lumpur.  During the day, people can buy vegetables, fruits, and fishes at very reasonable prices.
So Yow drove his new car, a Proton Saga, and the two took off for Selayang Wet Market. It was a quiet night when on reaching the market, with the fat guy talking continuously, he carefully turned into a side road.
All of a sudden there was a loud crash on his car roof and he hurriedly and scared he looked around. The fat guy said, “What the hell was that…I think you hit somebody…maybe a dog or cat..or maybe…”  at the same time he looked sideways and then turned to look through the back glass…and he froze looking ahead and squealed “DRIVE..DRIVE..” Yow was worried that someone was hit and he quickly peered through the back glass…he saw a woman sitting with her face turned backwards on his bonnet! He could not see her face as she was facing backwards but she had a white dress and long frizzy black hair! Then he realized that it is a “Pontianak” and scared witless he promptly stepped on the accelerator and the car sped off.
They were so frightened that they did not speak until they reach a busy and well-lit mamak stall. They hastily got out of the car and just ran out to the mamak stall before catching their breaths. Yow and the fat guy were shivering with fright shitless and the fat guy yelled at Yow, “What..expletive (bad words)…did you see that?” Actually he did and it looks like it was a pontianak!
The fat guy was adamant that he was not going into that car again and Yow decided he would not going to drive his car alone…not that night. So after some discussion they both decided to the take a bus to go back to their homes.
Note :  "Pontianak" is basically a female vampire who appears at night. Normally she is seen at the road side or under a tree. She has long hair. Sometimes she appears young and beautiful to attract male victims. After the victim falls in her trap, she will turn ugly and old with sharp teeth. Attacks would be based on claws, and defense probably on leaping or footwork. She is believed to feed on intestines and blood. "Pontianak" is believed to be attracted by child birth when there is a plenty of blood flowing out from human body. In the olden days, measures are taken by the people to prevent the vampire from coming during child birth. She is believed to be scared of thorns.

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