Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lady in a Red Dress

Mei Foong just drove back from Seremban, about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur, after spending the day with her in-laws. She was with her 3 year old daughter and her husband who was driving.  As it was already 7 pm, she was hurrying to go back to her home as her daughter was feeling a bit unwell.
She was travelling on a side road near Cheras when their car had to stop abruptly due a maze of cars. Actually the parked cars were parked in a haphazard manner near a neighborhood house. Her husband said that they must be having a Chinese wake. A Chinese wake is when people come to pay their respects when a person dies. Of course they are provided with drinks and naturally they get to gamble.
Mei Foong abruptly said, “Gostang” (meaning to reverse) the car and to look for an alternative route.  They eventually found another side road and it was about 7.30 pm and getting dark. Suddenly with the car headlamps on Mei Foong saw a lady in a red Cheongsam (a formal Chinese dress) walking in the same direction as their car.
 She asked her husband to stop the car. Frustrated he asked her the reason for stopping the car and she replied there was a woman walking by the street. Her husband then shook his head and claim that he did not see anybody. She rolled her eyes tiredly and she peered at her rear mirror and saw the woman in her blue cheongsam in the darkness. Before she got to say anything…the lady in red cheongsam disappeared!!!
She had a high fever for 3 days after that incident.

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