Friday, June 15, 2012

Hospital Lady Templar in Cheras

Hospital Lady Templar in Cheras

A weathered white plaque, engraved with the words "Foundation Stone Laid By Duchess of Kent, 1952 Oct", is a sad reminder to its glorious past.
The dilapidated 3 storey building looks rather spooky and scary.

"My mother used to come here in the old days and the environment was really pleasant then," said a 55 year old.
Hospital Lady Templar was renamed as Poliklinik Cheras and transform to a Government clinic in the 1980.
The place seems haunted and bizarre, rumors heard that there are still some dead patients that are loitering around the area and other story says that it haunted by a ghost of an old lady.

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Anonymous said...

Now the Hospital already being torn down and rebuild a modern hospital.