Monday, June 11, 2012

Ghostly Neighbor in the United States

Ghostly Neighbor in the United States
When I was studying in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the United States, I stayed in small apartment from the campus in the 1980s. It was a happy but stressful time and our neighbor was called Mrs. Sheperd. She was over 70 years old and she stayed by herself since hers husband passed away years ago and she did not have any children. Every now and then were treated with homemade cookies and cakes when we came back from our lessons. She led a very active live as she use to go to the mall for a groceries and to library for books. I left after two years as we found another place.
We were upset once we found up that Mrs Sheperd has passed away suddenly. We had a friend, named Sharon and her sister who was looking at a place to stay. She eventually got the tenancy agreement signed and got her stuff packed together with her sister.
My friend and I helped her to move her belongings to Mrs Sheperd’s apartment. When I was unpacking in Mrs Sheperd’s place, I cannot help feeling remorse and sadness for not being there for her to be left there alone on her dying bed. Anyway we were happy for Sharon and her sister for finding that place.
I was busy with my studies and after a week, Sharon called to ask us to come over. We went over the next night, where we were told of some strange occurrences. It seems that Sharon and her dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, had heard sounds in the living room. Her Yorkshire Terrier would bark and kept staring at a particular corner of the living room, which Sharon pointed to us the direction.
I was a bit surprised when she pointed at the corner because Mrs Sheperd used to sit on her favorite seat and read her story books (She is an avid reader). Suddenly, while Sharon was retelling her tale, there was a sweet unique aroma in the living room, the same distinctive smell of Mrs Sheperd’s perfume like roses.
We were all quite not knowing what to say when Sharon announce that she is willing to accept the noises and the aroma. It reminded her of her grandmother and it feels safe.
When I left the United States to return to my country after completing my degree, I dropped by to say goodbye to Sharon and her sister. I had also had opportunity to say goodbye to “Mrs Sheperd”.

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