Monday, June 4, 2012

Haunting of an Expatriate in Bangsar

Haunting of an Expatriate in Bangsar
Salamander is from Sweden and was transferred to a large multi-telecommunication company. She was so happy to have found a new home at Bangsar in Malaysia, an upper class neighborhood location.  She was discouraged by Amy, my cousin, who is a Real Estate agent. The reason Amy was against the idea was that place was considered haunted. In fact, a lady committed suicide a few years ago and that house was haunted and occupied by supernatural being. There were instances of other customers who had to leave after several bad and terrifying experiences.
Marion, who was Salamander’s assistant, agreed readily and she were told of that place and she heard of that ‘dirty’ land. However, Salamander was convinced that there was no such thing as a haunted house. She claimed that we were to too superstitious and that all these talk just nonsense. Anyway Salamander was adamant and she finally moved into the residence.
Nothing happened for the first week and Marion spend the day with Salamander, cleaning and packing helping her the things from packed packages. All of a sudden, there was a low sound, like some low pitch sound.
Marion was terrified and she quickly asked whether Salamander heard that sound. Salamander said its probably the sound from the trees, as the sound of wind were gusting and blowing the leaves of the trees.  Unconvinced Marion said it couldn’t be as it sounded quite strange.  Instead of argument with her, Salamander  suggested that Marion had done enough for the day besides it was almost 6pm. Marion always leave before 6 pm and she readily agreed and she said she will there tomorrow.
In the meantime, Salamander decided to take a nap after a long tough day after all packing and cleaning. She awoke and found the whole house in darkness and she can hear the sound of wind and rain drops. Then she heard the low sound of a person weeping, it sound was so hideous and yet so melodious. The sound was going from a very low pitch and reverting to a much deeper and louder pitch. Shivers went down her spine and goose bumps in her feet and hands were freezing. The sound seemed to be coming from everywhere…from the entire house.
As she switched on the lights she got a glimpse of a white shadow which suddenly disappeared. The sound of the rainfall was getting louder and so was the sound of a person weeping was getting more audible. Lost and bewildered she got in her garden and grabbed her car to get out of the house.
(Salamander stayed with her friend Marion and after that she spent time in a hotel. She found another place at a condominium, but insists that she will never go back to her old place!)

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