Tuesday, June 12, 2012


A girl was sent home from school early. Apparently, almost 20 students in her school were acting 'hysterical'. The more superstitious among them, of course, believed that these students were possessed by various spirits.
I'll let you read the 'official explanation' for these incidences in the scans of the front page of our national newspaper below, but rumors say that some of the girls were playing 'Spirit Of The Coin' - similar to the Western 'Ouija Board' - in a toilet that was already reputed to be haunted.
They asked the spirit that they had invoked on how it died (murdered, naturally), whether it was angry over its murder and whether it was still angry now. The spirit had answered 'YES' to the last two questions. Scared, the girls ran out of the toilet without ending the game, i.e. telling the spirit to leave. When they came back later, the board they had used was gone, either thrown away or just simply disappeared, no one knows.
In another version of the rumors, the girls were apparently unable to send the spirit away, as they had used blood, which I suppose makes the spirit more powerful? Anyway, there were various incidences of 'hysteria' after that, until two weeks later, the number of 'hysterical' students was so large that the school was forced to close early.
It was announced that the school authorities have engaged “religious practitioners” to calm the students. 

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