Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strange Sounds at Hostel in Polytechnic

Strange Sounds at Hostel in Polytechnic

Mohd Nasir was only 19 years old when he enrolled at a rural Polytechnic in Kedah in the 1980s. It is located in the northern portion of Malaysia and is known as the “Rice Bowl of Malaysia” as can seen from the vast endless tracts of padi fields in this state.
As a new student, he was placed in one of the three blocks of hostel at the polytechnic. He was placed in Block C of the hostel blocks.

One night he was hanging out with his buddies at a local mamak story (what else to do, as that was before Twitter, Facebook etc.), they decided to hang out at Nasir’s place. They were listening to a local radio show where listeners can talk about their experiences of the supernatural. One of his friend joked how people are easily fooled with such nonsense about the existence of ghosts and hantu.

All of a sudden, from Nasir’s room, they can hear the roar of heavy rain coming down and the howling windows in the corridor. One of his friend joked that the ghost must be angry and really upset. Then unexpectedly they heard sound of crying coming out from outside and it was so unmistakably loud.  His friends were terrified and huddled closed together.

The heavy rain lasted for an hour and they reluctantly decided to go back to their residents. When they opened the front door but they were surprised their all their shoes and sandals were missing – and to their utter amazement, they found corridor and walkway were dry, completely dry! No sign of rain drops, absolutely dry.

Nasir stayed with his friends after that night..and every night!

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